Bill Hartman Presents at Essential for the UXPA Monthly Meeting

To a crowd of about 50 professionals in the interaction, industrial, and user experience design fields, Bill Hartman shared insights and frameworks we can leverage to demonstrate the financial and process benefits of human factors in medical device design. Originally presented at the Design of Medical Devices Conference in Minnesota, the User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA Boston) asked Bill to represent his work for a local audience. Attendees asked questions ranging from how to infiltrate findings of human factors research to specifics for effectively recruiting participants to get credible results.

After the presentation, several attendees stuck around to get a tour of the Essential studio and talk about trends and shifts in the medical device industry. The real benefit of the UXPA monthly meetings is to get folks in Boston's user experience community to come together to learn, share thoughts, and network. A tight knit group of professionals, this meeting was particularly unique because it drew in many new faces, for some in the crowd it was their first UXPA event.