In Remembrance of a Brilliant Man and Designer, Bill Moggridge

This weekend, the design industry lost a friend and a design icon. Bill Moggridge changed the way we think, how we work and what we make.

Bill taught us all to think about design in a bigger way, in a truly interdisciplinary manner, bringing together people and teams from diverse backgrounds to create solutions that deliver greater meaning for business and society. In Bill's words:

“Our intuition, our ability to feel, our ability to understand without being able to explain. All of those things are relatively subjective and subconscious. And what design does is to harness those attributes in the process.”

He was an inspiration to so many of us, influencing the content of our work and our motivation to pursue better and more important solutions. His passing is a tremendous loss, but his boundless contribution to design will never be forgotten.

Bill Moggridge, 1943-2012