Embracing Complexity

I recently had the opportunity to author, along with Scott Stropkay, an article for the DMI Review about a topic we encounter so frequently that it seems like second nature: complexity. It's a very broad subject, but the challenge of writing about it forced us to think about how we handle the sources and effects of complexity in our work. Being immersed in so many dimensions of healthcare, we found it natural to combine the two.

By writing the article we became more acutely aware of the "role" that complexity plays in our thinking and work. Where one would expect us to minimize or simplify complexity, everyone in our studio takes an opposite position and embraces complexity as an opportunity.

This represents a philosophical position with which I'm sure many would disagree. But by embracing complexity, and sometimes even expanding on it, we create a "secret sauce" that yields the richest solutions. And in a field as fraught with complexity as healthcare, where managing one's health is increasingly becoming one's personal responsibility, we as designers can consequently create rich experiences for everyone.

You can read the full article here.