Sustainability at Retail

Consumers are increasingly aware of the impact our purchases have on the global landscape. This not only applies to the economic effects, but also to the environmental. I want the brands I endorse and love to source materials ethically and consider their impact on our planet.  It made me really happy to hear about how one fashion house is doing just that.

From shoes to sunglasses to packaging, Gucci is rethinking its design process to incorporate recycled materials. Just a couple weeks ago, the company announced a new line of biodegradable men's and women's shoes designed by Gucci Creative Director, Frida Giannini. While Gucci began to integrate sustainability into their design with a line of biodegradable sunglasses, other designers, like Stella McCartney, have made eco-friendly design a core part of their brand mantra.

It’s nice to see luxury brands embrace a greener design while maintaining the quality standards they are known for.  The best part of all is that as sustainable design becomes more common at the higher-end of fashion design, it will indubitably trickle down into more mainstream retail channels.