ICFF 2012- Color!

For a color junkie like me, NY in the spring is a great place to be, as everyone is embracing color to its fullest.  This year,  that meant a lot of neon. And to my immense pleasure, NY Design Week fully embraced spring colors with events ranging from a talk with the president of Color Marketing Group, Mark Woodman, about color trends for 2013, to design flash sale site FAB.com’s color pop up shop at Flor.  (photo from mimumo because there were way too many people at the opening to get a decent photo)

All in all, ICFF was dominated by natural colors and authentic materials with an energizing streak of intense artificial colors.

So my CMYK roundup from ICFF is:

Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, and Bright Blue... almost the whole rainbow. Yes, neon is everywhere right now, but the more inspiring, longer-term trends are rainbow brights, particularly vibrant pinks, reds, oranges, yellows, and bright blues. These vivid hues were everywhere from textiles to entire booths (thanks Kohler!). They were used in full concentration and in smaller accent ratios, often hidden.

The more authentic construction focused trend continues with matte finishes and lots and lots of wood -it was a furniture show after all. There was a notable lightening of wood tones, but still retained the grain, knots, and historical marks of the reclaimed materials.

Matte whites and blacks were the two  most dominant colors of the show. The soft finishes invoke an instant feeling of history, like an instagram for paint.

If I had to pick my number one palette from the show, it would be the matte black, white, and light wood with a hint of mint green.  It has such a fresh pleasing feel, like the perfect mint chocolate ice cream sundae. Um project was really hitting all the right color notes for me, with light woods, matte, black and white, mint and neon. 

But as the color whiplash heals, I find myself going back to this photo Bensen’s booth. The soft grays accented with desaturated jewel tones. It’s a soothing alternative to the wash of black, white, and color.