Altec Lansing at CES2012

While the convergence of interconnected technologies was a big hit, it was also great to see so many Essential clients at CES 2012. Altec Lansing was there, showcasing a series of cool wireless speaker products designed by Essential. The Altec speakers were part of a timely resurgence of high quality audio that was evident across exhibitors at the show. Two examples that stood out in particular were the Apple Airplay® based inAir5000 speaker, which seamlessly streams content from your preferred iOS ecosystem and the LIVE Wi-Fi Music System that extends the audio experience to the cloud or home network. The concept for both products is based around a new soft minimal design language that seeks to connect high quality audio experiences that comfortably fit and respond to the situations and environments of use. Each received extremely positive reviews for performance and design. The InAir 5000 also picked up a CES Innovations award. Both products will be launched this spring.

Altec showcased other products designed by our team over the last year. The IMT 630 extends the new design language to the docking category in a super portable dock for the iPod and iPhone. The overall impression of the new products was one of heightened sophistication and connectivity to Altec Lansing’s audio heritage. A newly revamped booth at CES helped round out the overall positive impression of the brand.