Color: in 2014

One of the great things about attending the Color Marketing Group International Summit is not the amazing speakers, although there are plenty of those, or the weather, (Hello Miami!)... but the workshops. Over several days, there are a series of workshops with people from all industries: product design to horticulture. Yes, the flowers you buy are purposely bred to achieve trend colors. (Crazy, I know.)  It’s really fascinating to hear about the individual micro trends in each industry as well as tie together the larger macro trends.  Some were completely new to me and some I’ve been excited about for a little while now. After 4 days of trend talk, my head is buzzing with new colors, combinations, materials, and trends. Although I can’t tell you exactly the colors we picked to for 2014, I can talk about some rising stars and a little about 2013: 

1. White!
Yep, the anti-color.  Everyone was talking about white. White alone, white with other colors, white in homes, white in fashion, and white in technology.  The appeal isn't really the color white, white is a place holder for invisibility. A vision of our future where technology integrates seamlessly into our lives. In products it’s the new smart color. No longer is technology signified by black and neon blue, it's soft translucent white.   

2. Saturated Desaturation.
In the same way, white and translucency soften what was once hard and dark.  Adding color to blacks and grays gives them depth and softness. These color infusions favor the cool side, so dark rich blues and greens, so dark they are almost black and soft grays with a purple cast.  

3. The Colors.
Although blue was talked about almost as much as white, in a way it was almost the new neutral. Rich dark blues have become as ubiquitous as black.  In general hues are intensely saturate, but a little muddy.  Much like the saturated neutrals, color is become more complex. Greens were very yellow and acidic, reds were pink and orange.  

There are many more on my list of exciting trends, but some are more 2014 and some things have to be a surprise. 

Images: (IrisPlicate watch, embroidery)