A New Way to Shop for an Electric Car


Starting today, Coda a brand new player in the EV market will be creating a whole new car shopping experience for consumers as it opens its first flagship "store" at Century City shopping center in LA. Made entirely of eco-friendly and recycled materials, this store will allow consumers to interact with the brand, the product and the category with these four spaces: 

* The EV Bar: An interactive learning area with computers and tablets for consumers to touch, feel, play and design custom vehicles.
* The Technology Display: Which will feature displays of the CODA sedan technology, including batteries, shifters and other components
* A Test Drive Counter: Where customers can sign up for test drives
* The Test Drive Center: Below the store in a parking garage, customers can test drive the car for the ultimate dealership experience

 From a marketing and design perspective, Coda does a great job at creating end user engagement, while increasing awareness for electric vehicles and new technology.

I'm looking forward to seeing what this business model will do to the traditional car dealership in the future.