Size Matters

Have you ever wondered why are we so obsessed with ever-shrinking gadgets?

While the basic functions of gadgets remain relatively steady, we focus all of our energy on creating an aesthetic around being small. Is this preference for the petite inherent in humans or is it a fad we’ve been conditioned to crave by competing technology companies trying to out-innovate one another?  

In his article for Humans Invent, Nigel Brown discusses his theories as to why designers are constantly trying to fit the most components into the “smallest” or “thinnest” devices. According to Brown, our cravings for minimalist features date back to cavemen who needed the most portable, efficient instruments in order to survive. His hypothesis is that our obsession with small and efficient is entirely in our nature, even acting as a therapeutic for our oft chaotic and stressful lives. 

As we innovate and develop new products, our devices become smaller, sleeker and more efficient, getting rid of unnecessary, wasteful spaces. We have come a long way from bulky telephone systems and computers that take up an entire room, but we certainly have a long way to go before we start implanting microchips in our bodies. Or do we?