America's First Package-Free Grocery Store


Three brothers, Christian, Joseph, and Patrick Lane have come up with a game-changing concept that will make you think about how you grocery shop. This fall, these innovative and eco-friendly entrepreneurs are opening up the In.gredients store in Austin, Texas. The In.gredients store will offer local, organic ingredients and be the country's first "package-free, zero waste grocery store”. A store that encourages re-use and offers compostable and reusable containers to those who forget to bring in their own containers and bags.

As someone who totes their own grocery bags while shopping, buys local and organic and recycles as much as possible, I think this idea is amazing. I never feel like I am doing enough and this concept can truly make a positive shift on my impact to the environment, my health and even my wallet.

Still unsure as to why you should get on board with shopping “package-free”? According to the, a site that helps projects start financing (including in.gredients), we send 1.4 billion pounds of waste to landfills per day in the US. 40% of it comes from packaging—much of it very convenient for our lifestyle, but most of it is entirely unnecessary. Americans add 570 million pounds of food packaging to their landfills each day, noted the store's co-founder in a press release, adding, "What's normal in the grocery business isn’t healthy for consumers or the environment."

Let’s be real people. The more we produce and throw away the worse it gets. The excessive waste caused by an attitude that everything is disposable is no longer acceptable. The Pacific Ocean alone is polluted with about 100 million tons of floating trash, 80% of which came from land-based sources.

We are living in a different world and when I hear of ideas like the in.grediants store, I’m thankful and appreciative for this type of thinking. In.gredients is a collaborative effort between community, consumers and local farmers. A simple idea that can help us all to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle, what’s not to love about that?

We know better, therefore we should do better.