Social Science Recap [July 15-July 29, 2011]

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Social Science Recap--July 15-July 29, 2011 Interesting internet finds linking anthropology, sociology, psychology (other ologies) to design, user experience, and technology. In this post: ethnography iPhone app, does Google+ have the more accurate Social Networking approach? Designing for culturally iconic products.

Ethnographic data gathering using your iPhone! Ethos, an iPhone app started by ethnographer Siamack Salari, was just relaunched.The app allows companies looking to do consumer research, reach out to their customers to submit videos of the way that products, brands, services, and other experiential information on these topics fit into their lives. Ethos is offering a 30-day free trial, so jump on it--it's a pretty penny without the deal!

A review of Google+ on Fast Company. Referencing the input of social science that informed the Circles feature in Google+.  SIDE NOTE: I am so not impressed by numbers. Numbers are relative, so why is it that we gasp and applaud at the rapid adoption by 10 million people of Google+? I wouldn't expect anything less from such a ubiquitous entity...let's come up with some new metrics that can gauge success, or whatever message we're trying to convey.

Moleskine: Designing for Cultural Objects. Tricia Wang of CulturalBytes talks about Moleskine's new line of auxiliary products to support the iconic notebook. She ponders about other iconic objects that speak to our culture and what can be designed for them to support it's cultural ecosystem.