Yellow: Making it happen

Somehow I have a reputation for being really girly and totally into pink. Like Hello Kitty style. But that's a complete falacy. I'm actually 100% completely devoted to yellow. Well, mostly yellow. There's also that perfect shade of really dark plum purple, and a creamy vanilla white and a solid dusky black and...well lets say my world is never monochromatic.

But that's why I'm in the Color Marketing Group. So I can go to conferences and geek out about color and trends for 3 days. Not only did I get to meet a lot of really interesting people in a whole range of color and design related industries* but I also helped shaped the color forecast for 2013!

So yellow is happening. Big time. Wait for it. 

*Did you ever wonder who got to name paint colors? Because I always have and I finally got to meet someone who does! Kind of a rockstar moment for me, but could just be because I'm a color dork like that.