Soldier Frum

Dave and I were talking about storytelling today.

If you want to hear some great storytelling, I would recommend Nate DiMeo's The Memory Palace.  I recently discovered his podcast through This American Life, and so far have been impressed.  Nate DiMeo's narration of obscure historical events lacks speech impediments so often heard in radio, and these 10 minute teasers leave me wanting to hunt the internet for more details. 

I originally learned about John Frum my freshman year of college, through another great storyteller, Dennis Van Gerven (also my senior thesis advisor in biological anthropology).  Barely 5 feet tall, he commanded a room of 500 introductory course students,  opened my eyes to a global perspective on human relationships and taught me how to learn about that which we think is common sense and that which we take for granted.  Maybe the story of John Frum is just a great and easy story to tell, or maybe I've just been lucky enough to hear it told eloquently twice, but regardless of how I heard it, I think you all should take a listen